Incubus - Crow Left Of The Murder - the verdict please?


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What do people reckon of the new Incubus album? A few of the diehards seem to think it's pants, but I listened to a bit of it in HMV the other day and it sounded ok..... what does everyone else think? Step forward or leap backwards? :confused:


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I love it - album of the year so far, IMHO. They're one of the most progressive bands about so it's quite hard to imagine it being labelled a step backwards. It definitely incorporates elements from all their previous albums, but is by far their most adventurous from a compositional and melodic point of view. I thought Morning View was a little disappointing as a whole, but there are tracks on it which are some of the best they've ever done. This album is more rounded and should produce better singles (normally they do 2-3 more commerical sounding tracks and they tend to be the weakest on the album - just my opinion).

You didn't buy it, then?



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P.S. I'm sure there are a lot of "die hards" that made their mind up it was going to suck even before it was released.


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I've only got SCIENCE by Incubus at the moment and really like it. What other albums do you recomend I purchase or are all of them worthwhile?


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Any of them with the exception of Fungus Amongus, which is a rather raw, high-school album (think they were 18/19 when it was cut). You might want to buy it after you get a couple of the others though - interesting to see where they came from, so to speak, and it's still decent.

Personally I'd buy Make Yourself next.


I like the new album, but SCIENCE is still my favorite. I can't believe MTV has restricted the Megalomaniac video to the late night hours. Everyone is too worried about offending people. I say lighten up.


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I think they've gone back to playing it during normal hours now. Mike Einziger's comments were pretty funny:

"It's ironic that this MTV scrutiny comes from an incident where someone bared their chest in public, while for the first time, our singer has his shirt on for an entire video".

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