Incredible lagging with AI Upscaling on Youtube FHD o 2K contents


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Hi, yesterday I've finally brought home my first 4K TV (a Samsung QLED) and I was eager to enjoy it with my Nvidia Shield TV 2019, which I has so far used with great satisfaction on my older FHD TV. Eager to see the AI Upscaling that I've read so much about in action. As a photography enthusiast I spent quite some time watching photography vloggers on Youtube, and they all recently started to upload 4K contents. As my internet bandwidth is still a bit limited, I saw that youtube as expected often selects 1440p versions of the contents instead of 2160p, no surprise. The great surprise arouse watching them with the default Upscaling AI selected: there's an incredible lagging. Looking at the streaming details, I see roughly 1 frame in 3 gets dropped on average, with clear bad results. The problems disappears either selecting Advanced Upscaling (no AI) or leaving Upscaling AI but manually selecting 1080p version of the contents. Which is anyway not what I had hoped having purchased the best Anyone incurred the same problem ? Any solution ? P.S. If relevant (I have the same problem with Plex with the server in my home LAN, never occurred so far with the FHD TV), the Shield and TV are connected via a Fast HDMI cable pulled out from my Samsung U28E590 4K display. Thanks! Peppe

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