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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Dirk 2, Aug 21, 2001.

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    If you look at the forthcoming release section at you'll notice an increase in region 1 RCE discs.

    Yes, Warner now seems to have joined Columbia Tristar in adopting this facility.

    Not only obvious new releases such as "Driven" and "Exit Wounds" are affected, but classic re-releases like "Gremlins" and "Ghandhi".

    Will this spread to region 4?

    Luckily (from my point of view) my modified Pioneer DVL 919, can manually accept region code changes (as well as autochange) thus negating the problem.

    I'm sure this greater proliferation of RCE discs is going to impact on a lot of end users, who are not so fortunate to have compatible hardware.
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    Play list them as RCE purely because when RCE was introduced by Warners/Columbia it was safer for Play to list all discs coming from those ditributors/studios as RCE so they wouldn't be inundated with requests for refunds due to imcompatibility. To be honest, I've not come across a Warners disc that was actually RCE encoded, regardless of the fact that they were released after the supposed implementation date.<br />Columbia, on the other hand, code just about everything as RCE these days, whether its back catalogue stuff or new releases. In theory they're all supposed to be bringing it in, but there aren't too many companies that seem keen to follow the lead set by Columbia at the moment. It's pointless anyway, even the cheapest of the region-free players have work-arounds to get past it, mostly by using direct access to the film rather than going through the start-up and menu's.

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