Increase in Ram prices soon ?


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I read in the inquirer that ram prices are gonna increase soon. Any truth in this ?

I bought some Corsair ram (2x2gb) last week and the price has gone up by £30.00 this week. Same supplier.


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RAM prices fluctuate, always have. I've often been tempted to get into RAM trading as a means of earning extra cash but, if the Taxman is reading this, have never done so. :)

Nu Breed

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they are traded as a commodity like everything else. Recent events dont help, fears of a collapse in financial markets due to dubious 'hedge fund' practices & we're on a roller-coaster ride to thrift-valley.

in general, you may well see inflated prices just as schools & students start the new academic year, maybe a lull once thats all over, but then once the xmas/new year bounty is approaching i should think we can all wave goodbye to bargain prices.

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