incomplete picture when displaying a HCPC signal. How do i make it fit?



i am displaying a 1280x720p @60HZ signal from a DVi output into the HDMi input on a Pioneer434HDE but the top and bottom bits of the displayed image (.i.e windows XP desktop) are cut off. i have tried to resize the image but to no avail(using powerstrip). What should i do?


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I'm pretty sure Powerstrip's advanced controls affect the analogue output. They won't have any effect on a DVI output. You're definitely running your Windows desktop at 1280x720?


Yup....thats what powerstrip and windows say I am running it at. When I select the input channel ( 3 in this case) a little box pops on the plasma and says this:

Input 3

Even tho I am sure that it should say 720p as that is what I have set is as (i.e [email protected])...

The plasmas (434HDE) pixel count is 1280x768 which is a pretty close to some PC native res. Why cant I get the HDMi to display at that res is beyond me:mad:


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750p is the same as a 720p signal, but includes the non-visible lines. As I said in another reply to you, the new HDE plasmas will not accept a 768p signal. Hope this helps.


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