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Recently bought a compatible BP 422 (highest capacity) battery for my new Canon MVX10i but am having problems with getting it to charge via my camcorder.
I tried both the Hahnel and Frameart versions and have given up with persevering (I had a very understanding dealer who first swapped the battery for a different one and secondly offered a refund) .
I did speak with Hahnel who told me they had not tested the compatibility of that specific camcorder with their 422 equivalent.
The camcorder does not seem to have any problems with the official Canon battery (which I have charged and recharged a few times now).

Just wondering whether this was a regular problem with compatibles (i.e. they are not always as compatible as it seems) and whether anyone can recommend a reasonably priced supplier of official Canon batteries.


Good to read your post but unfortunate for both of us and many more I suspect.

I too have suffered the same and many post/take back's to helpful dealers in the UK.

Finally the Digital Camera Company suggested I call Canon UK. Did so and their tech support (back of manual tel no.) went away for 2 mins and came back with 'no 3rd party batteries will work with MVX10i'. As blunt as that.

So, from £30/40.00 (third party, Hahnel, etc) up to £62.00 for Canon type and I know await my 3rd delivery.

It seems to be the way of the future like ink jet cartriges from Lexmark. Low cost hardware and high cost consumables. Canon have obviously 'chipped' the battery for 'copyright protection'.

Sorry to rant but we as consumers will be trapped if we do not try to work around this technology.

As an aside, apart from batteries,if anybody needs accessories for this model I've been there and have found some good products in the UK. Sun hoods, LCD hoods, polarisers, W/A lenses, etc.

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