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incompatibility problems- Ulead /Roxio

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by blue2555, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. blue2555


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    I am new to the world of DVD burning. I have a 3200 AMD Mhz PC, 512mb, 200 gig HD, All in Wonder 9800,using Windows XP home .

    I have successfully in the past captured using my All-in-wonder 9800 via Studio 9 in MPEG and burnt to DVD-R using Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3.0. About 90 mins of MPEG at 5450 Kbites/S.

    I have had a 100% success with burning -until I installed Roxio Media Creator 7.0. Since then the Ulead DVD movie factory has stopped burning halfway through a project -claiming insufficient room on disk - when there clearly is still enough room!.

    I am still performing the capture and size of files as before - when I had a 100% burn record!. When I tried burning using the Roxio Media Creator 7.0 it claimed the files where too big!.

    Now I have removed Roxio Media Creator 7.0 and reinstalled Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3.0 - everything is 100% again!.

    I Dare not install Roxio again! are there any known problems with the use of these programmes ?

    Many thanks,

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