Inbuilt Speakers on Flagship TVs

Do You use the inbuilt speakers on your TV?

  • Yes - I use the TVs speakers

    Votes: 5 35.7%
  • No - I use an AV system or Soundbar

    Votes: 9 64.3%

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Jan 27, 2013
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This is a question to people that own plasmas in the £2000 plus category, sort of top of the range TVs. It's often said that this type of purchaser will probably use external solutions for sound. Just wondering how many people us the TVs own speakers in preference.
In the push for thinner and thinner TV's, something had to give, and that was the sound quality. I bought a new plasma TV last year, and honestly, I've never listened to the sound from it. Everything is routed via a soundbar (w/wireless subwoofer). A thousand times better
I got a new TV today and first thing I did was zero the speakers. I've haven't used inbuilt speakers for years but I can see the reasons for doing so.
have not used inbuilt speakers for ages.sound from them is rubbish, have either used a soundbar or surround sound.having good sound is almost as important as having good pic quality as it adds so much
Yes, I use the speakers on my 42PX700 because compared to most sets on the market today (except maybe for that Sony 4K model with the massive speakers either side) they are awesome - 2 front firing, side mounted 23mm x 100mm tweeters and 2 x 80mm woofers with a total 31w (10% THD though) power output. It also incorporates SRS TruSurround XT and sometimes, I swear I can hear stuff coming from behind me when my AV system is off.

I know for a fact that when I get a new TV, I'll be having to use my AV system a lot more, or add a soundbar/stage for regular listening.
I use an amp and speakers for bluray and live TV viewing but use the TV speakers for iplayer I think the speakers on the VT65 are quite good really.
My tv is a pioneer 5090 and I use the tv speakers for general tv, and my surround amp/speakers for blu ray etc.
When the tv needs replacing, I will budget for a soundbar for general tv watching as I realise that the speakers on just about all tvs are lacking a bit these days.

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