IN76 Firmware Upgrade - Help Please.


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I've got a Lindy DVI & USB to M1 adapter and I've connected this a laptop (running XP) using an old USB scanner cable, however the laptop does not see the IN76.

I have tried with the IN76 plugged in, turned on and on standby but it's is not picked up by the laptop. It does not show up on the device manager under USB connections and the flash software just states it's that it's awaiting connection and does not display the flash button.

I've been following the PDF file included with the download, which is specifically for the IN72 but states the procedure should be the same for any of the IN series.

I think the USB cable might be to blame but if it's not has anyone got any advice? has anyone flashed an inFocus using the Lindy adapter, is there anything else I’ve got to do?

Thanks :)
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