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Apologies for all the speaker questions lately, this forum has been a great help and I have been buying based on feedback from here! Any help/thoughts are greatly appreciated.

I have an opportunity to pick up KEF Ci160QL or Ci160QS in-wall speakers for a good price and can sell my T301 speakers to cover the cost. I was initially going to use 4x T301s for rear and side surrounds. On paper it looks like it would be an upgrade and a better overall match.

Two questions:

1. Will the sound from the Ci160Q speakers in this application be far superior in an in-wall configuration than the T301 speakers that I already have?

2. One would presume I could set a lower crossover with the Ci160Q speakers, compared to the T301 (probably 80hz rather than 100hz). Benefit here?

3. For the in-walls I would be 'breaching' the double layer of drywall and mass loaded vinyl that is being installed to 'sound proof' the room, along with messing with exterior wall insulation. Does anyone have any advice to mitigate this? The Dynabox option looks ok, but the cost per box is as much as the speakers!
Is there also any issue with having glass fibre wall insulation packed up against these speakers?

Speakers that I already own/have ordered for this setup. All are KEF and setup is 7.2.4.
R300 x2, R600C, Ci160QR x4 (atmos), KUBE12b x2


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Anyone have any thoughts? The area around the seating is a bit tight for effective placement of R100s or the like.


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To the questions
1) I would say no, your current speakers most likely would work better.
2) Much the same cross-over point
3) Yes. You would need to use a speaker hood behind them and yes they are expensive. Sound would travel in the cavity unless made air tight. The speaker effectively need a box to work consistently in a wall. If every speaker has a different size cavity they will sound slightly different. Personally i think the cost and complexity of locating the speakers in wall makes it a poor option.

Personally I feel something like Q Acoustics 3020 2-way on a stylish long tv cabinet can look pretty good and sound better when used with a sub. For sure a lot cheaper.

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