In wall surrounds and in ceiling atmos speakers to match Bowers and Wilkins 702 S2 Fronts, HTM 71 Centre and ASW 610 sub


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Suggestions welcome. Cheap, mid range and more expensive options please. Amplifier is a Marantz 6015 currently bi amped to left and right fronts. Atmos has to be in ceiling and surrounds in wall due to the room layout. Thinking PSB, Bose 891, Micca, B&W CCM 684? I think the B&W CCM 7.5 S2 are a bit expensive for just effects?

Also do I get rid of the bi wiring and have 4 atmos in ceiling instead of 2? Bi wiring due to 110w output from the amp. Room is 6m by 7m.


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Do you have OSD Audio available where you live? It seems some model of Micca has same drivers as OSD. Below is 3 models ideal for Atmos overhead:

This model was mentioned in US forum to be similar to OSD:
Amazon product

If your couch isn`t against rear wall then by all means go for .4 over .2 and forget the bi-wiring/bi-amping with av-receiver! If you need more power then buy 3ch poweramp to drive the LCR! Example if you live in AUS:

You can probably read more from AVSForum (US) from B&W speaker owners thread, but those 702 S2 do love tons of power so if you listen loud then XPA Emotiva could be spot on.

Below is Dolbys pdf file for .4, see the optimal placement and angles.

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