In wall speakers or lifestyle surrounds?


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I'm after some decent surround speakers that are as unobtrusive as possible.

The missus won't have 'ugly boxes' at the back of the lounge as well as the front (I have some largeish Tannoy P30's) so that rules out nearly all conventional speakers. So I have promised to instal something small or easy on the eye.

I want the best sound possible for a max of £300 for two suround speakers. I'm considering the B&W VM1's (£125 each) but have read that 'in wall' (Tannoy, B&W, KEF, Linn all offer them) speakers can offer a better sound quality.

How easy are 'in-wall' speakers to install and how much depth is required? Or are the VM1's any good (I've not demo'd anything yet).

Can any one here help?

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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If you have plasterboard walls with at least 75mm depth from face and are OK at running cables in walls then there's pretty easy. As the most expensive part of a speaker is usually the cabinet in-walls, if designed well, can offer pretty good performance per pound.

The problem of course is finding somewhere to listen to them......



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Many thanks for your reply. I'm OK with running wires and a bit of DIY. However, one will be in a stud (plasterboard) wall the other in a solid wall. That won't be a problem though as I'll just angle grind out enough space. Will it be OK in a solid wall ie sound much different to the one in a stud wall?

Also - have you heard some in wall speakers that you would recommend and do you think that they will outperform the VM1's?

Thanks again.


Originally posted by MATTS

I want the best sound possible for a max of £300 for two suround speakers.
I take it you haven't had a visit to the Power Buy Forum, at the moment Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro's are the talk of the town, have put the link in here.

These are one hell of a sexy speaker, your wife would love them, I'm sure Uncle Eric will give you the low down on how they would interact with your fronts, then at a later date get three more for the front, they are virtually invisible, and have been up against a front soundstage in excess £9k, and didn't come out panting. :D

If I were after a lifestyle product my cheque would be already in the post.

I'm not on commission, but a small discout of another CHT15 would be nice. :eek: :D

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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I've put Linn Sekrits and Snell AMC800's in solid walls. Kngooing out the back as you suggest then screwing the speaker directly to some wooden battens inside. This makes them rather solid....and they sound rather good!!!!

As mentioned above Gallo's are pretty and good. I don't usually put in that many cheaper in walls but the Linn Discreets are OK. Sekrits MUCH better though. Heybrook/JPW do a thing called an IW81. It's a cracker if you want to spend less, just it's quite large for a discrete in-wall


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