In wall speakers back boxes/enclosures

I am currently designing my new home theatre. I will be placing it in a room that is 4.27m X 3.5m with 3.06m ceiling heights. I will be using all in wall speakers and subs. The plan is to come 300mm out from the back wall at the long end and Build a false wall which I have already planned (framing and plaster boarding this is not a problem as have done this many times) making the final room approx. 3.95mX3.5m. Final screen size is 110 inches.

I will be using the following in wall and in ceiling Jamo speakers from the custom home installation sound series. I have already purchased these as I got them for a very good price in the US.

For the Front /Left /Right and center channels I have three IW 625 LCR speakers.

For my rear surrounds I have two IW 606 sur speakers

For my sub-woofers I have two IW1060sw with dedicated amplifiers.

Atmos in ceiling two IC 610 SUR (in bipole mode).

I am looking for advice with regards to back boxes for these speakers and subs. On the specifications for each speaker on the Jamo website there is a recommended back box sizes in cubic inches for the back boxes (so I assume they are not an infinite baffle design). I know they will be needed for the subs (it is advised in the manual with a recommendation of 1800 cubic inches).

With the front three speakers the IW625lCR the two rears and the ceiling speakers are back boxes required or would I be required to just put some sort of poly fiberfill in the wall cavity.

I plan on framing the speakers in the false wall and seiling both the back and front of their stud enclosures in 12mm plywood. I will also use silicone to make this area air tight on each stud before attaching the sheeting and scfewing it in place. In effect the speaker will have the full height of the space between the studs/wall cavity which is far more than is recommended.

What do people think?

Has anyone installed these before or something similar. Jamos instructions are not detailed and they give no real recommendations except for the sub. In terms of the sub boxes I was thinking of making them 15inches X 15inches by 8inches deep giving me 1800cubic inches. I would really like some advice if possible. I have contacted Jamo but I am still waiting on a reply. Advice please

Many thanks


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