in-wall speaker recommendations between MK, Dali and KEF


Hey everyone,
I’m looking for recommendations on which in-wall setup to go with
For a new HT I’m setting up in my house.

These are the options I’ve come up with for LCR and Atmos speakers.
The room size is about 4 metres by 4 metres and am based in Australia.

I haven’t yet decided on what surrounds and sub to use for each option.

Would most likely by a 5.1.4 setup to start with plans in future to add a second sub
And I may or may not add the other 2 channels to have surround back speakers.
But for now am happy with just having surround speakers.

Option 1 - KEF
3 x Kef Ci3160RL
4 x KEF Ci160QR
Total = $10.5K AUD

Option 2 - Dali
3 x Dali Phantom S-180
4 x Dali Phantom H-80

Total = 13K AUD

Option - 3 MK Sound.
3 x IW150 ii
4 x IC95
Total = 10K AUD

Would like some advice on whether the speaker models I’ve chosen would be appropriate for the room size too.

i'm also evaluting krix symmetrix and epix models but haven't yet finished my evaluation on those to see if they're an option for me.

Open to other suggestions too. And can spend more if I can understand the justification to do so. but at the same time am looking to keep my budget tight, get the best bang for buck to have a great sounding HT room in the end that i can be proud of.

Rob Sinden

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I’d recommend the MK’s for a couple of reasons. They will have higher power handling because of the three stacked tweeters. If you want to reproduce say gunshot at reference levels the other speakers will clip and distort.

The stack of three tweeters also reduces floor and ceiling reflections (which may not be important in this size of room), but this also means they have a very wide off axis response. This means they will sound the same across the width of your sofa. This also means reflection off side walls will sound very similar to the direct sound which is really important.

Seriously Ltd

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I completely agree.
We design and build cinema rooms.

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