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In-Wall floor standers possible?


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ok its unusual question time :)

in my plan for a new cinema room, i have a passage behind the screen for kit and wiring (bout 1meter with a normal door for access) I intend to build frames for a screen and speakers to sit in (which becomes the wall for the passage if you get my drift)

now, i have been looking into in-wall speakers from M&K and B&W ( i already own some nice b&w and like the sound)

the question is, what is the reason if any that you cant in-wall mount a proper floorstander?

if its square, and the bass port is at the front and if the whole speaker sits flush and tight why wont it sound a lot better than a shallow in-wall mount speaker that uses the same drivers? after all you will have the cabinet depth as a usual speaker and all the internal damping + extra weight and bracing

just wondering, as it seems to me if there is space and a frame made you could do this just as easily and with better results with regards to bass and allow for a bigger speaker in general. I guess one reason is most people don't have the depth to try this properly?

any ideas? some in-wall mounts are 3/4 of a normal floor stander but seem to cost more in general.

told you it was an odd question :D
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Joe Fernand

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Your floor standing Spk has been ‘tuned’ for use in free air – some are tuned for use close to a boundary (rear) wall others for free air all round.

Stick the Spk into an enclosure and you’re going to alter its sound – you’ll need to try it out and see if it sounds OK to you or not.

We often install the Atlantic Technology In-wall closed back series Spks in ‘discrete’ cinema rooms - Atlantic Technology - Hidden Speaker Systems



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Although B&W do make some very nice floorstanding in-wall speakers, they are not the only source. But you your basic question, YES, you can get the equivalent of a floorstander in-wall.

You can also get the equivalent of an in-wall subwoofer -

SpeakerCraft Cinema Sub 8 System

SpeakerCraft Cinema Sub 10 System

And other in-wall floorstander-like speakers -

SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema Five

SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema One

SpeakerCraft AIM LCR3 Five

Speakercraft AIM LCR3 ONE

So, in short, to your question, the answer is YES.



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If your speakers have a port on the rear then it would probably be best to not wall mount, however if they haven't got a port on the rear then you would be fine. The in-wall suggestions for using Speakercraft by one of the other guys has put up are very good, unfortunately at the moment their UK distributor has just gone to the wall so getting hold of them could be very difficult.

Kind regards



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You will likely end up with them sounding better due to reduced/elimated out-of-phase reflections from the wall behind them.

Make the cabinets as tight as possible but de-couple the speakers from the wall by sleeving with some 1" neoprene foam.

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