In wall centre and front speakers?


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Looking at putting in my new home some front and a centre built into the wall. It’s hard to find a centre that matches mains, is it really essential to have matching and what can people recommend on a budget of about £400?


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Does that budget include the wall? As that would be quite tight. £400 /3 = £133 per speaker. So some thing like Monitor Audio W180's but they are approx £160 each and Im not too sure how they would sound. Might be more suited for rear surrounds.

Its not the sort of thing you can just take back if your unhappy and then any holes might be in the wrong place. Try some demos first before commiting. Im not sure what would be classed as a minimum standard generally acceptable for in wall fronts. The control performance range might be better if you can find the budget.

Its hard to find in wall reviews
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