In- Voca Voice remote


Hi Hurricane, sorry to disappoint, but I'm also fascinated by this, no, I haven't got one, but I might like one! Have you got a link?

PS, your user name, sailing reference?


Thanks MAW for your reply, http://www.invoca.com/ i have 2 of these (dont ask how, long story but there cosher!!! Rodney.) but havent got round to trying them out yet coz we are building the house and i have not finalised my System, as a side isssue i shall be ordering this within the week (LG MZ42PZ17 Plasma, Pioneer DV454, Pioneer vsxc100 and some eltax speakers.)
The reason for my original question is that i have seen a lot about the pronto and quite like that idea, i havent really heard any good reports about the invoca so was after a bit of feedback before i spend hours fiddling about inputting codes Etc.

Re my username - Well spotted, it is indeed a sailing reference, i have had a Hurricane 5.9 catamaran
for 8 years and raced it regularly in that time at national and european level i have recently sold it (should just about cover the cost of the new system!!!) and currently sailing a laser on the local pond to keep fit over the winter before i decide what cat to get for this season.
One assumes you have watery tendencies aswell?


Not really the crewing type if you know what i mean !!!!

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