In the Line of Fire 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

Gave this a rewatch for the first time in a long time. It’s a terrific looking disc, hand full of soft looking shots, mainly the heavily composited shots, but really lovely on the whole.
Film still stands up as a brilliant thriller (93’ was a cracking year) , with only the romantic sub plot feeling a little icky. I quite like that Clint’s age is very much acknowledged throughout and the fact that they frequently call out that he looks like he’s regularly on the cusp of a heart attack in the action scenes made me chuckle.
They don’t really make these kind of thrillers anymore. Pity, I grew up on these sort of nuts & bolts action thrillers.
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last night i watched in the line of fire for the very first time and what a movie, a fine cast of actors through out the movie and the story was good and the sound/picture was just out of this world, hdr did a brill job, if you say that 4k is not has good has bluray then i suggest you get your eyes tested because i thought through out the movie it was amazing to see how clear the movie was, i bought my movie from zavvi,

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