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I have a Canon A80 digital compact. It's probably over 5 years old and outdated compared with newer technology. Despite owning a newer compact and a DSLR I have kept hold of my A80 because

(i) It has a viewfinder - very rare for compacts these days.

(ii) I have a fully-waterproof enclosure for it.

(iii) You can fit external lenses to it and I have a couple.

(iv) It's nice to take on rough and ready trips where you wouldn't be too bothered if it got lost or broken.

Despite all that I've kept good care of it so I was suprised one day to find that the CCD was distorting the images.

For a few months I left it, came close to throwing it, but decided to look online if this was something I could fix myself.

So I did some googling and found that in the US Canon had identified this camera as having a batch of faulty CCDs and were fixing them free of charge no matter what age.

I contacted Canon and they said the same was true in the UK and gave me an address to send the camera.

In less than a week it came back fixed and good as new, and no charge to me.

So well done Canon, I wasn't expecting anything like that.




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They did the same for my Canon dSLR camera when it developed a shutter fault. I moaned a bit about the camera only being 2 years old and only having a 20,000 shutter count on it and it really should have lasted longer. They agreed and fitted a new shutter mechanism and serviced the camera for free :)


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IIRC, the dodgy CCD on those Canon models was manufactured by Sony & it was they who put their hands up. Our S2 developed a faulty shutter that Google again showed was a known fault. Canon USA was repairing outside of warranty but Canon UK were playing the old "Never heard of that before routine". I had to resort to other means to get a free repair. ;)

On a similar note:

My missus' '04 Honda Jazz Auto started vibrating when pulling away a while back & got slowly worse. Courtesy of Google I found that there was a problem with the fluid in the transmission & that the spec had been changed. The first steps towards a cure was to drain & flush the gearbox & refill with the new fluid.

While researching this I also found a known problem with the rear wheel bearings. I rarely drive her car & last time I did, thought it was noisier than I remembered. The bearings are a complete sealed unit at around £120 each.

Starting to sound expensive on top of the desperately needed major service but as I read on, I found that Honda had not only acknowledged these problems but had extended the warranty on affected vehicles to seven years/100k miles. So earlier this week, both issues were fixed by John Banks Honda in Ipswich for free. And this despite the vehicle not having a dealer service history.

So it's a big thumbs up to Honda & John Banks. :thumbsup:

And a giant raspberry to Glyn Hopkin of Colchester who just couldn't be arsed to reply to my enquiry. :thumbsdow
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