In New York trying to Decide on 875 or 805


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Hello to all in the UK!
I am not a New YAWK city resident. I live in Warwick, New York. ( a town that resembles your "Birmingham" in a way) The only reason I know anything about Birmingham (UK) is because my younger brother had done his first round of clinical rotations there back in 1999, before he came back here to the states and started his Pediatric Practice. Ihad visited him for a week back then. LOVED IT. Only thing that didn't suit me, was your weather. Rain, Rain, Rain, overcast, Rain, Rain, Overcast. The women in your Country are very sexy too!
Okay, now to my dilema. I have just completed the construction of my new home theater/music listening room. Since my basement contains the supports columns for the house, right down the middle, I built the dividing wall with the columns contained inside the wall itself. The room is 10 (feet)X 20 (feet). I installed my new Samsung FP-T6374 1080P Plasma (HDTV), I am taking delivery of the Panasonic BD-10AK BD Player next week. And I will be taking delivery of Tannoy Sensys DC 2's for Front Left and Right, Tannoy Arena 500C for Center, Tannoy Arena 500 Sats. for side surrounds-left and right, and Arena 500 Sats for the rear Surrounds-left and right. My subwoofer is an Aperion Audio S-12. I HAVE TO HAVE MY NEW A/V RECEIVER BY NEXT SATURDAY! I cannot choose between the Onkyo TX-SR805 and the 875 for one reason, and one reason only. I had read a review of the TX-SR605 on, that stated that the VIDEO processing with the Farjouda chip inside the 605 proved to be noticeably poor. It was later mentioned that the 875 would feature the new HQV chip, and this betters the Video processing by leaps and bounds according to multiple sources. The 805 has the same Video processing chip as the 605, and this is the only reason I can't decide which to buy, the 805 or the 875? My budget is on the brink of being extinct soon, so I need some reliable responses on how the video processing REALLY looks on the 805. If I can get away without having to spend the extra 400-$500 (US Dollars) on the 875, it would let me breathe alot easier right now.
By The way, just in case someone out there thinks I should just run the BD player to the Plasma directly, it just can't be done now that the room is completed. My Best friend is a Pro-AV installer, and he did the whole pre-wire on this room before the walls and new ceiling were installed. The A/V Rack will be on one end of the Room, while the Plasma will be on the other side of the room.(20 Feet away) There is 1 HDMI Cable that comes out of the wall behind the plasma, with the other end coming out where the rack will be. All of the remote control funtions will be bounced off of an IR patch on the plasma wall that will bounce back to the A/V Rack on the other end of the room. I have a Crestron Touch Panel, that will be programmed and installed during Christmas time. So the "IR" Patch is just temporary.
Any, and all help, that can be offered with this decision, would be greatly apreciated.
CHEERS to all of you! Don't worry, I don't watch much soccer, BASEBALL FAN HERE!! :thumbsup:

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