In need of speakers


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New to the world of Hi-Fi set-ups and just after a bit of advice!
I have recently bought the Sony STR-DH190 and the Sony PSHX500 Turntable and am looking for a decent quality speaker that will work with this.
It will only be used for home listening and will be listening to various genres.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a pair of speakers suitable for this?




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You probably need to set a budget and give an idea of the size of the room and where you will be positioning them.

Any of the speakers from the budget range of B&W, Tannoy etc. will probably suit you very well.


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If Brighton isn’t much of a drive and you have a better than mutiny room, these are a very fine speaker. Not difficult to drive either.

A £300 cash offer should do the job.



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Regarding the Sony STR-DH190 - choose your speakers carefully if you ever intend to run two speaker pairs from this receiver at the same time.

I confess I haven't checked the operation manual but from photos of the receiver's rear panel, it appears that each speaker needs to have an impedance of 12 Ohms or more if you intend to run two sets at the same time - and that's pretty rare these days. I may have misinterpreted this so best check the manual.

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