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okay, i have at present a bit of a mess of a network and im getting tired of its jumbled nature. i am also looking for more speed if possible out of the wifi network.

what i have right now is an 834Gv4 acting as the modem and router. it broadcasts wifi too as i have a device that still needs wifi b. it is set to b and g however in case that makes any difference. sitting inches from it is an apple airport express (i use to play audio in the bathroom) they are conected via a short cat5 cable. the airport express then acts as a wifi hotspot and its set to broadcast N only on 2.4ghz. then on the other side of the flat in the livingroom/office there is a netgear WN2000RPT. this then is connected to a gb switch that a couple of comps are plugged into and it is the device that a coulp of laptops connect to. the wifi speed matters for moveing files from laptops to desktops. the best i can get out of my net conection is just over 8mbit so it doesnt hugely matter.

the laptops one with an intel 5300 and 3 antenna connects at 130mb. a netbook with an intel 5100 (2 antenna) that connects at 65mb but usually jumps to 130 when moveing stuff ovor the network and a last laptop with a dell 1702 (2 antenna) that connects at 65mb only (did see it go to 130 a couple of times but pretty much never.) i really would like these speeds to be higher.

right now im considering getting some homeplugs to connect the WN2000RPT to the router rather than it connect over wifi if iths is possible. this is in the hope that it not havenig to connect ot the airport express at 130mb would free up space to get faster throughput for the laptops. i also have in the cupboard an 834GT (but i believe it may be flakey, was parents) and a thompson 587 (Be Box) that are unused and could be pulled out if of any use.

im pretty open to all suggestions other than running an ethernet cable from the router to the WN2000RPT. please help me.
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