In Need of Headphones


I Have an iPhone 3G, Listen to alot of Rock, Techno, Electro, D'n'B, Metal, and Pop, so Bass, but good detail is important. Looking to spend around £30, maybe £40.

I really Want In Ear's, I've got some Senn Can's, but theyre too big for School, and cant be worn in 1 ear. Been looking at the CX 300's, which sounded good for me when i tried a friends, but spending more is fine with me, and i would really like Mic and Call answer support if possible, i have seen the inline aftermarket ones, but not sure how well they work.

Looking at the Senn's, and i really like the V-Moda's, but think theyre out of my price range.

Also looking for some for around £25 for my sister using an iPod Video, but will probably go for the CX 300's for her.


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I have got the apple in ear with remote and mic today, previously i was using a pair of sennheiser cx300.
I've got to say i prefer the sound of the apple so far , they are also a lot better for sound isolation. Having the remote is a great bonuse too!

I only got them today so haven't been able to do a detailed comparison but first impressions are fantastic.

There's a chap on these forums who was selling them for £25 delivered

might be an idea to see if he can get anymore

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