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Hi all,

I'm doing a little research at the moment and I'm looking for a budget solution to in ear monitors for live stage sound mixing. AS we are all well aware UHF in-ear monitors are right up there in the price range and would be great to have on stage.

But What I have bee thinking is wouldn't it be great, especially for the musicians who don't move around the stage much to be able to have some ear phones where they can control there own volume, while the sound engineer controls the mix. Only I want to plug them from the desk into a mini amplifier and along a wire running under the stage with a series of connections for the musos top plug into .

I have been looking at building mini amp kits only they have no volume control or box to place them in. I have also thought about buying a mini FM Radio or the like and modifying it so that i can have a direct line into the unit and the muso can use that.

Does anybody know of a netter solution that won't break the bank? The idea is for the musicians to be able to afford the components

Hope I explained this well enought. Thanks in advance


I dont know much about DIY, but surely someone with the knowledge could incorporate an attenuator into the cable of any headphone?


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Or you can just buy Shure's in-line attenuators. Or use a headphone amp instead of the mini amps that you're referring to and place the amp near the artist.

Nic Rhodes

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MX 550 from Sen are in ear and have a built in volume control in the lead, but I thought many phones did this now.

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