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I'm not a fan of the bundled headphones my Zen Vision M came with and i'm looking for a new set. Any recommendations? I'm looking to spend up to £50 and have looked at these 2

This is a bit above what I wanted to spend but is the extra cost worth it?

Also any good sites I can get better prices for any of these?


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Have the Sennheiser CX300 myself, and find them to be really great, good definition, with decent bass, they offer great clarity, without overblown bass. Have had Sony MDR71 (better than pack in but overblown bass) and JVC FX 25? good, but same probs as Sony and lack of detail plus kept falling out and lead is far too long, tried Etymotic 6i, £100+ fantastic sound, but just to uncomfortable, bought these from Apple USA when on holiday, took them back and got a refund - great service!
Personally think the Sennheiser offers excellent value.


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Even though I am not keen on in ear phones, I would reccomend the CX300's mainly on value for money but with in ears, if possible, its best to try them out to see which fits best.
As for the creatives I wouldn't reccomend them, but I have heard good things about their cheaper alternatives, can't think of the particualr model right now, will go do some research :D


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Same here cx300's £15.00 all in from flea bay, cant knock them :smashin:
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