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there seem to be a number of different in-ear type phones for walkmans. I'm currently using the Sony £30 ish model with my NW-HD3 The sound is OK ish . I don't like the thin tangly wires and the fact that it has that annoying 'one side longer than the other' thing going on with the wires. What others can you guys (& gals) recommend? Thanks in advance
I use the same sony earphones but have modified mine so the wire is the typical Y design, if you either tape or glue the long bit that goes around your neck, to the main lead then you havea similar design as standard earphones,...apart from that im sure everyone will recomend the shure e2c albeit at a price supplement
I *really* like the Sony MDR-A34 phones. They have the vertical driver and a thin foldable headband. There's also a nonfoldable model. The Sony vertical phones with just earclips don't sound quite as good; they may have a smaller driver.

The A34's have nice, balanced sound with decent bass and they're very efficient.
I was in your exact position a few days ago - HD3 and a pair of ex71's. If you use your ex71's everyday like I did for about 7 months you'll find that the cord wrapping begins to disintegrate, exposing the copper wiring underneath.

I bought the shure e3c 3 days ago, and-after some period of adjustment-are absolutely fantastic. A true clear representation of how the music should sound and coupled with superb sound isolation. It absolutely blows the ex71's out the water.
the only problem i can foresee with the shure e3c's is firstly cost, as theyre quite expensive and secondly a lack of decent bass response in comparison to the sony, I have had both the e3c and e2c and whilst both were superior in quality of build and sound isoloation compared to the sony, the amount of bass produced by both models was not as deep (although muddy) as the sony. The chord design on both of the shure models is excellent albeit a littly fiddly in getting it around the ear although the cable tie is a good idea to keep the phones close to you head
i have used my ex71's everyday for about a year, and i have never had a problem with them
The ex71 really does overdo the bass in terms of tonal balance and reproducing the music accurately. If you crave bass, then the ex71 is ideal. I actually find the bass to be better on the e3c as there are simply more details that would be impossible to distinguish with the ex71-the bass completely dominates.I find the bass on e3c to be more representative of a truer sound, than what the ex71 offers. Besides, if you find the bass a bit lacking in the e3c, it's nothing a equaliser adjustment on the HD3 can't amend.

And I picked up the e3c's for £75 off ebay. I've seen them for £120 in the apple store.
The big difference is that turning up the bass on the e3c means you get a clear, crisp sound with the far superior sound isolation. This morning I got on the bus walked through a town centre into college and all I heard was pure music filling my ears. I couldn't hear double deckers passing in front of me at the crossing. I can't hear the kevs moaning on the bus. I couldn't even hear the guy walking next to me calling my name!

In the case of the ex71 however, you get a congested sound with muddy bass, nominal mids and shrill highs that is drowned by ambient noises due to the vastly inferior sound isolation. With the e3c, it is the music that drowns out the unwanted noises and not vice-versa.

And besides, don't it look cool and individual having earphones that go down the back of your ears? :D
Not arguing that the Shures aren't better but VFM wise I think the EX71's take some beating.

Must admit that with the wrong sized rubber plugs on my EX71's when I first bought them I agree with you on the lack of isolation but after putting the larger ones on I get perfect isolation from the Sony's and can hear nothing but the music.

Even walking along a grass verge on the side of a busy dual carriageway the other day didn't hear anything other than music.

Guess they fit some people's ear canal's better than others
£30 is a lot for earphones IMO. Which ****** me off when the rubber cord began shredding like cheese-strings after 7 months of use. I feel that definitely isn't value for money. :nono:

£75 is even more money so these shures better last at least 18 months. :suicide:

Anything related to sound is completely subjective and I completely respect your opinion.

Sounds daft, but does anyone know where I can get cheap foam sleeves for the e3c, other than ebay?
As an alternative to canal phones - and supposing you want something inexpensive and with a compromise between treble/bass reproduction and comfort - give the £15 Sony MDR-J20s a spin. Not quite the same ambient noise exclusion as canals, but pretty good nonetheless.

In terms of in-ear phones, I add to the recommendation of Shure's E3 (I prefer the E3 to the E3c because they're not white and match better the Sony players). I think they're the ideal match for the Sony Walkmans. They're very sensitive, so you won't have the problem of complaining the player is too quiet, and they isolate way more than the EX71. Incidentally, I don't use them anymore. Use instead Ety's E6. But that's because I don't like the over-the-ears scheme of the Shures and preferred the thinner cord of the Ety's.

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