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i have had 2 pairs of inner-ear phones,sennheiser cx300 and creative zen ones, both of these the left ear phone looses sound quality, my creative zen one went last night, the quality in the right phone is better and louder than the left. this is strange since its happened twice now, i do wear them to the gym alot, is it a fault of inner ear headphones, is it worth buying better quality ones and if so what ones. or im i better getting a different style since i wear them to the gym, (im thinking moisture, sweat etc)...i would be willing to pay £40-£50 for a good non-faulty set, any help would be appreicated....:thumbsup:

the creative zen headphones were the ones you get with the acsessory pack


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I was looking new earphones recently and someone told me about the CrossRoads MylarOne models X3 + XB. For more info

Supposedly they're very good, and btw xb is the version with more bass.

I think there's only one place you can buy them: (website is a bit crap, but service is meant to be very good)

I'd recommend you visit this site as it specializes in this sort of thing:


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i've got a pair os CX300's, and in terms of clarity and detail the Crossroads mylarone X3's are far better.

i got one of the bundle deals that jaben had.

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