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In desperate need to fix an ISSUE with my LG C9


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Hello, this is the first time ever that i'm posting on a forum. I've posted on Twitter, talked to youtubers and LG support but their advice didn't work. Posted on Reddit but nothing good came out of that - i don't even know if people will see this post. Anyway, here's my issue.

A few days ago i have started noticing some sort of white bar at the edge of my TV - when looking at on a grey background i noticed that it's some sort of bar alongside the edge, but when i play a game that 'bar' turns into a white line.

Now, this is NOT a panel issue. I tested it out with different formats to see what happens and the result surprised me. I changed the format to 4:3 and the edges actually went along with the content shown on the display. (4:3 makes the display basically square) so i know it's not a panel issue.

Also when i come to close to the screen it disappears so i can't examine it properly but i do know that it's there.

This one problem has ruined my experience with this television, i have barely played any games and i have not watched a single movie or show since i noticed this problem. Strange enough is that i don't see this problem during the picture test.

Here are the things i tried:

Pixel refresher, twice.
Factory reset.
Unplugged the TV and pressed power button for 10 seconds.
Changing HDMI cables (it's not a HDMI issue because it's also on apps such as Netflix and Disney+)

My guess is that it's a software bug, simply because the edges aren't white on the edge of the panel itself, but the content.


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