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Hey guys, ive been browsing a few forums recently and i cant seem to understand the concept of what i need, ive read these articles about homplugs and wireless N routers but would gladly appreciate your help.

My wireless G router (fd57633) is suited under the stairs as thats where the family computer is placed, i live down the garden in a converted conservatory which is my bedroom, it is approximatly 25-35 yards away, inbetween that, there is a concrete wall and a conservatory. Now, i can pick up 2 bars on my laptop which isnt the best i now but want to now what is the best course of action to take in regad to internet connection on my ps3 as at the moment it cannot pick anything up.

I dont want to place my ps3 down the house as my mother is a royal pain in the arse and im sometimes gaming untill around 3 am. ive read up on homeplugs but apprently they dont work outside, please help.


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Homeplugs carry the signal through your mains line, would i be right in assuming you're running some kind of extension leads to your bedroom, or are you actually on the same mains supply as your house ?

If you're on the same supply then homeplugs should work.

Other than that you could get a more powerful router. Whilst the PS3 only supports Wireless G, a better router may well bump up the signal strength.

You may be able to utilize other means, maybe wireless access points or something like that, but i don't know a great deal about that side of things...


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Can I use HomePlugs between a house and an out-building ?
In most cases the answer is no - this is because the homeplug signal deteriorates through consumer/fuse boxes and in the case above multiple boxes are in use. We have had some customers where it has worked - it maybe worth calling us to discuss your needs.

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