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Dec 16, 2001
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Hi Guys,

Looking to change to a stealth HC setup in my living room and one of the first things I would like to do is to replace my 2 side and 2 rear Speakers and put them in the ceiling. My main concern is I might lose the whole surround effect.

Is putting all 4 Rear speakers in the ceiling only good if it is the only choice you have or is this as good as the speakers mounted on the wall.

Has anyone done this and found it to be successful or reverted back to mounting the Speakers on the walls or even went for a combination of both.

Any advice welcome before I cut big holes in my ceiling.


i have a pair of kef 160,s in my ceiling for rears as i have no room behind my seating area for rears in our new house,to be honest it took a while to get used too but now that i have i think its quite acceptable but to be honest i think if its possible you should have them around you.
hope this helps

Thanks dsd1036,

I have the feeling that in ceiling speakers are a compromise rather than the the prefered soultion, hoping to get some more feedback to help me rule it out.

Looks like I might have to live with the wife's comments on how ugly they look.

After doing a bit of digging around and getting prices I am finding it hard to accept that in-ceiling speakers can be more expensive than floor standers. whats the deal here less product for more money, or is it because in-ceiling speakers are used for custom install's and more money can be charged.

On price alone I think I can live with wall speakers.


IIRC, Hyper-Fi are doing Kef ones heavily discounted atm. Stock might have run out years ago but that won't stop them advertising the things for years to come though so expect to be dissapointed and you can't go wrong.


EDIT: They're advertising Kef 160f custom install speakers for £14.99 apiece, grills may be extra. Ci130QS for £49.99, AFAICT. HTH ?
From their last ad in WHF, IIRC, they were doing the Kef ones with the remote control positioning motor too @ £129 instead of £300. Let us know what they say ? What's in stock etc ?


I hear a full in ceiling Sonance eclipse system, vey very good but sound stage was a bit high on fronts (rears were great) if you have a large room inceiling are good but a conventional front 3 and in ceiling surrounds seems to be the way to go!
Do in wall speakers sound drastically different to their conventional equivalents?

I am currently considering a system comprising of B&W Custom Installation speakers, fitted in the wall at ear level.

Are 'In Wall' or 'In ceiling' speakers a bad idea dut to a lack of suitable enclosure?

Cheers, Beastie.
Any joy with HyperFi, Kevin ?
Hi Beastie Boy,

The wife has turned my attention to DIY in the Kitchen at the moment so the surround sound setup in the living room has taken a back seat for a few weeks.

I will get intouch with HyperFi soon and will let you know how I get on.



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