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    I've recently had the Panny TH50PHD6 installed. Using an i-link we've managed to place Sky, my amp and DVD player in an alcove behind and below the screen. To facilitate access to the DVD, a careful aperture was cut so that the DVD tray slid through it.

    My question is this;

    Whilst the slot cut is quite small (14.5 cm x 3cm) does anyone know of any DVD's that have the slot-type appearance typical with car-steroes where the cd merely slides into the slot rather than having a tray eject.

    Or, maybe I could use an in-car DVD?

    I've found one but don't think it would do the screen justice.

    Here's the info and it's obviously only 12v too

    1 DIN single disc 12-volt DVD player, DVD/VCD/CD/S-VCD and MP3 compatible, infra-red remote control, built-in screen saver, soft touch front panel controls, LCD back-lit display - horizontal mount player

    Technical Specifications
    New product from the Viewtech range - 1 DIN single disc DVD player.

    System Details
    1 DIN single disc 12-volt DVD player. DVD/VCD/S-VCD/CD and MP3 compatible.
    Infra-red remote control and infra-red remote control eye

    Front panel AV inputs
    12V power output, auxiliary audio output, s/video output, dolby coaxial digital output for SPDIF/RAW or SPDIF/PCM, dolby pro-logic/DTS ready, built-in screen saver



    p.s A big thanks to MAW (Martin) and his henchman Carl for a cracking service and install deal. Cheers lads :eek:)

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