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I want to connect my recently purchased mp3 jukebox to the head unit of my car stereo. My head unit has 1 pair of RCA sockets which are currently being used by my CD-changer.

I want to use one of these to connect the mp3 player to the stereo:

But obviously there's no room for it cos of the changer, so would I be able to use 2 of these:

to sort of split both pairs of connectors into the 2 sockets at the back of my head unit?

Would there be any problems with either of the two stopping the use of the other?


P.S. I don't want to use a tape adaptor for aesthetic purposes, and have already got a soundfeeder.


here we go....

You may find the audio input of the cd changer will not work unless the CD is playing, at least thats what I found on my old Sony, so I got a Panasonic that has dedicated Aux in.

I didn't bother with a multi changer coz I got a 120GB hard drive (27,643 tracks) fitted, and it is removeable, and I have a home docking bay as well.

This is an mStation, I now see that a company in the states does a lead to make some pioneer/kenwood head units control the MP3 and display the info on the head unit, you can also get a PC lead to change the graphics on the head unit and a voice control unit as well.

Mind you I don't think my Starlet could take all that.


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