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Improving Wireless Reception

Mac Sami

Established Member
I have a friend who visits Spain from time to time and connects to a paid hotspot near their apartment. They are at the edge of the hotspot's wireless signal, and so the results vary, dependent on the weather. When sunny, they can connect without issue - but otherwise the connection is intermittent.

At present they are using the wireless built into their laptop. I think there is mileage in getting an external wireless USB dongle with aerial, to possibly improve the situation - but I am not sure what to recommend.

If anyone here has used something with success, it would be great to hear.



Established Member
Cant do any harm to try.

I use a pcmcia card in my laptop as my wireless card was a bit flakey, I found the USB style to suseptable to breaking i.e. i leant on it ny accident once! the card type is much stronger.


Established Member
I'd suggest a USB dongle, but don't plug it straight into the laptop, use a USB extension cable. Prevents damage and gives more flexibility as to where you site it. At a window would probably be good (if it's on the right side of the building!).



Mac Sami

Established Member
Thanks guys - a bit more research is slowly getting me somewhere...!

USB is the best option in this case, as I'm not sure if my friend's laptop has PCMCIA or the newer ExpressCard slot.

Buffalo offer two possible solutions, both USB, with USB extension leads:


Is the MIMO adapter (second link) worthwhile getting? Again, I don't have many details about the hotspot, but would the hotspot need similar technology in order to benefit from the channel bonding that I keep reading about?

Normally I'm fine with technology - but wireless isn't something I've had to look into for a while!

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