Improving the Wii on an LCD...


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Hello everyone, I've been setting up my Panasonic TX26LXD70 and so far have been quite impressed.

However, I was wondering whether there was any tips on our to improve the look of the Nintendo Wii through it, or on LCD's in general?

I have official component leads but so far I'm not that impressed with the picture. I know why it doesn't look great just thought there might be some advice on how to improve it?

Thank you!


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Make sure you turn the sharpness setting right down, 25% or below ideally. Make sure you've enabled 480p output from the menu as well, no matter what you do, its going to have a lot of jaggies, 640x480 with no AA will do that.


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I've got everything setup correctly and my Wii is outputting 480p over component.

I've messed around with the settings over the weekend and improved it a little bit. It's still not a patch on 480i over RGB scart from a CRT though. Such a shame.

I'm gonna stick with it, as it's nice to see my Wii games in widescreen and I finally get to use Pro Logic II in surround.

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