Improving Sky pic on JVC LT-2631


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Hi all

I've recently brought the JVC 26" lcd for my bedroom and am very happy with it. It replaced an ageing 21" sony crt that was connected to sky digital via a Philips Digisender (composite signal i believe). This setup was fine for the 21" but i'd like to improve on it now I have a pretty decent lcd screen. Upclose the picture looks awful, but in bed it looks almost perfect (around 8-9ft away from tv).

I'd rather not get another a SKy box in my bedroom (cable run etc), and freeview doesn't appeal to me (for the lack of channels).

Would upgrading the cables on the digisender improve the picture much? I realise the best thing to do would be to get a 2nd sky box but i'd like to investigate other avenues first...

As I said the picture from a distance of around 8ft (which is my normal viewing distance) is good, but i'm sure i can get it a hell of a lot better!

Basically, i'd like to get the most out of my tv....but would rather not run cables all round my house and pay an extra £10 a month for a sky box..

Any help appreciated!

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