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I have a Virgin Media SH3 on a 350 connection. My main PC is connected via powerline adapter and the adapter by my PC can act as a wifi access point. With speed test my PC shows D:123Mbps/U:34Mbps.

Previously my X box was wired to the router. Speed tests showed 400+ Mbps and many downloads would settle well into the 200Mbps even hitting 300+.

I moved the xbox to another room and connected via wifi. When downloading I noticed it topped out at 20Mbps. I realised it had connected to my tp link access point in the room directly above. The TP links show around 557Mbps data rate and my PC is capable of the speeds above, so I don’t understand why the wifi speed is so slow. I disabled the TP link wifi and the xbox jumped to around 120Mbps.

I would like to start getting my moneys worth from my Virgin connection. One option is to try and wire everything to the router but that would be a colossal ball ache. Another option is to turn SH3 to modem mode and invest in a kick ass wifi router. This would also benefit my ring cameras and hue lights etc.

So, I have a few questions.

Why is wifi over the tp-link (TL-WPA8630P KIT | AV1300 Gigabit Passthrough Powerline ac Wi-Fi Kit | TP-Link United Kingdom AC1350 – Dual band Wi-Fi with combined speeds of up to 1350Mbps) so slow given the speeds my PC can achieve, and why does the PC only manage ~120Mbps when the tp-links show a rate of 500+?

If I invest in a decent wireless router, what speed should the xbox be capable of given they are in adjoining rooms with a door in between? Would it ever get near 400Mbps over wifi? Any recommendation for a router?

Is there a decent wifi card I can get for my PC that will give a better speed than powerline, or will powerline always win? Occasionally my powerlines disconnect which means even if it’s not as fast I’d still be tempted if it improved reliability, and since I’ve disabled the wifi feature that doesn’t matter anymore.

Are there any other ways I can improve the speed and reliability of my connections?
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I fear you are falling into the trap of assuming that all Wi-Fi are caused by your router/AP's. It could be that the Wi-Fi NIC in your Xbox isn't very fast. If (for the sake of debate) you thence compounded that by having both your Wi-FI AP's tuned to the same radio channel (thereby causing "co-channel interference") it might explain the results you report - though we;d have to do some more forensic testing to discover what's really happening.

Because we cannot assume your router/AP's are culpable, we are not in a position the presume that changing them for something else would effect a fix.

I suggest the first thing to do is check out what Wi-FI NIC you XBox has and what it's capabilities are. If it's only (say) 150mbps capable, then that's the best you'll ever get no matter what AP/router you pair it with.

Incidentally, if you wanted to check for co-channel interference, get hold of something like InSSIDer or Acrylic Wi-Fi and see what channels they are tuned to. If they are the same or similar, you should change them for optimum performance. For small deployments of only a few hotspots, I would manually tune the channel plan rather than let is "auto-tune." For the 2.4Ghz waveband, choose two channels from the set [1,6,11] for the 5GHz waveband (if you have it) just ensure they are different.

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