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Just met a chap who was into hi-fi in a big way. He suggested the best way to improve an exisiting sytem was to:

a) Get a decent power cable

b) Clean your existing contact points.

The questions I have are as follows:

1) What represents a decent power cable?

2) How do you clean your contact points?

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certainly doesnt hurt to keep the various contact surfaces clean on cables every once in a while........

as for a mains cable, well, not much point unless you have a mains conditioner.....and even that may only be necessary if the electrics wiring in your house isnt too my house its extremely well wired so a conditioner wouldnt do much ...(3 bed semi in greater london.....we got one circuit downstairs for plugs, one upstairs for plugs, one downstairs for lighting, another upstairs for lighting and finally the kitchen ringmain....not bad eh....all done about 30 years ago and its still in perfect condition....not one single workman whose been in this house since has said we need to rework it....even tho im sure they'd have liked

cleaning contact points btw is a simple case of some whatsitcalled..type of alcohol, damn, forgotten the name now....the one that evaporates extremely quickly....anyhow, you clean with that and it disappears, once its gone you can reconnect.......with speaker cable its worth clipping an inch or two off the wire and rewiring to get rid of any crapped up strands :)

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