Improving iQ5 stability?


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I've had a pair of iQ5's for a while now and they arent the most stable of floorstanders (esp when kids are around) has anyone modified theirs to improve the stability of them staying upright.

At the moment have them on the spikes at lowest setting onto carpet (pushed right down) but even my cat manages to knock them over to the point where I've had to put things next to them for the moment as paranoid about them falling right over :eek:


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thanks, like the look and idea of the granite base, will make the footprint of the iQ5 wide and less prone to wobble on the carpet.

not sure about lead ballast though, did you put it inside your speaker :eek:

floor standers usually have a sealed compartment in the bottom to load them to make them heavier less likely to topple as well as a few other benefits


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not sure about lead ballast though, did you put it inside your speaker :eek:
The speaker needs to be designed to accommodate it with a separate compartment in the base of the cab.

Just had a look & it appears that the iQ5 cabinet has the same dimensions as the current iQ50, which comes with a plinth. May be worth contacting Kef to see if the plinth can be retro-fitted to the iQ5.
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will send Kef an email to see if they can be fitted to the iQ5's as those bases look a lot more sturdy than the legs on the iQ5's

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