Improved PSN ID Exchange


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Got a PS4 recently so please add if you would like :)

AVF - maff1977 PSN - maff1977


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I've just upgraded from ps3 to ps4. Currently enjoying drive club, bloodborne and rocket league so could do with some other players to compare times. Psn id: cmoirs

mr starface

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Keen to add AVF friends, will be playing the division from launch and also dabble in dying light, fifa, cod and rocket league

AVF - mr starface PSN - mr_starface


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Please feel free to add me. Psn - zorba8. Trying to master zombie map on black ops 3 and could do with some help!

Edit - I also sent a request to the AV forums community.


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Could you add me to the list please, just picked up my first PS4 so I imagine I'll be online quite a bit :)

AVF - PurpleTentacle
PSN - PurpleTentakle

Nemesis X2

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Recently picked up a PS4 go with the Xbox. Have sent out a few FR's and will send more when I get time.

If still being updated please add me to the list.

AVF Nemesis X2
PSN NemesisX2ps



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May thou be on the list? Picked up a PS4 a few weeks back

AVF - Stument
PSN - Stument


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Just picked up a Pro and feeling very lonely [emoji23]

AVF - Taywax
PSN - Taywax



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AVF BigBee
PSN Headwindz

Would like some folks with the new Gran Tourismo game so I can compare lap times etc [emoji5]


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ok can add me

my psn is seamouse_uk and on ps4 pro with VR

but please send me a message of the site, so i know from here. as i got a lot form instragram and are just a lot of spammers or kids under 18


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Been adding a few I'm fairly sure I added mine a good while back..but just to be sure
psn is marcz083

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