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Improved PQ on Sky Q?


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So I watched a documentary today entitled The Snow Wolf: A Winter’s Tale (which was outstanding btw) and I noticed that the picture quality (on my OLED) was amazing. Initilaly I thought it was in UHD but realised it was actually just plain old HD. However, the picture looked much sharper than a usual HD feed, almost akin to upscale 4K. I figured maybe it was just this particular programme with it being relatively new.

However, I just watched Venom and part of Thor Ragnarok on my 1080p projector, and usually Sky Q doesn’t look that good (compared to Netflix/Blu Rays). I usually see artefacts and a softer picture on the projector when watching Sky, yet today the picture quality looks really good.

Has anybody else noticed an improvement to their Sky Q picture?


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Quite a few people have posted the opposite observation in the past.
I have noticed a definite improvement in PQ watching BT Sport via Sky Q recently. Some of the live HD football looks almost 4K. Sadly, Sky HD broadcasts still look quite ordinary to me.
I’ve not found any improvements in sky’s supposed hd quality at at. Quite the opposite in fact to the point I’ve cancelled sky movies after 15 years and started renting blu rays from cinema paradiso. The step up in picture and particularly sound,is dramatic compared to sky
Id compare sky's uhd output to a well mastered blu ray. The football is a definite step up in quality . TV makes a big difference depending on what you have.
Someone made the point on one of these forums recently that it's not so much about SD/HD/UHD, it's more about how compressed the signal is. In those circumstances a highly compressed HD broadcast wouldn't look much better than the equivalent SD content which has not been compressed. I suspect a lot of Sky's programmes suffer from high compression.


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Hi, you say, and I quote "However, the picture looked much sharper than a usual HD feed, almost akin to upscale 4K" which is, of course, what it is, as, if you have your Sky Q box outputting at 1080 then your TV is upscaling to 2160, or if it's outputting at 2160 it's because the Sky Q box is doing the upscaling. Apologies if I'm preachiug to the converted.

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