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I have two tvs connected to sky plus. One is situated next to the sky box and gets very good terrestial/sky tv reception. The other tv is situated on the other side of the house. We have a sky remote-link on the second tv.

A wire runs from the main tv (directly connected to sky box) to a amplifier (Antiference LPA120D) The length of this wire is around 15m and has CT100 written on the cabling. This is connected to the Antiference amplifier in the loft. A second cable connected to the amplifier runs down to the second telivision, this cable is around 15m long and is brown with no markings on it.

The signal is good but not great, the picture has a kind of rain effect over the picture which is prominent on channels 3 and 5. On our primary tv there is no problems with any terrestial tv channel.

My question is that is it possible to improve the signal coming going to the second tv? Maybe using a better quality cable going from the amplifier to the second tv? Is there a better amplifier I could get, the stats for the amplifier are as follows:

Frequency Range 88-862MHz
Gain 7dB
Impedance 75O
Isolation Between Outputs >15dB
Max. Output* 78dBµV
No. of Inputs 1
No. of Outputs 2
Noise Max <3.5dB
Power Supply from Sat. receiver 9V DC >75mA (inc. R-L
Power Supply via 3.5mm Jack external supply 12V DC >75mA
(inc. R-L Eyes)
Return Path Frequency 5-30MHz


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Hi and welcome the cabling is fine spec wise CT100 is what we reconmend try removing the sky box from the chain connect the aerial to the wire going to the antiference amp and see if that helps, its a lot of too ing and fro ing to sort these sort of issue sout I'm afraid. IF that doesnt help try bypassing the amp in loft and conenct the cables direc tot each other. Let use know what effect this has on PQ in second room and we can work from there


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I had a similar problem which turned out out be the amplifier. Try another one if possible and also check the local channels for your area. they may be in close proximity.

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