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I have a Marantz 1609 slimline AV receiver powering my home cinema, which includes some Monitor Audio RX6 front left and right. I am considering adding a stereo amplifier connected via the preouts of my AV amp, to improve the hi-fi and musicality of the excellent MA RX6's. I have been looking at the Marantz PM7000N, however this duplicates some of the features I already have such as streaming services and 24/96 high res. My current setup whilst fine for movies, lacks a little on the hi-fi side. I have that itch to add something or change something to get that little more. The amp I have is rated at 50 watts into 8ohms, the PM7000N is 60 watts at 80hms.
Would the PM7000N be a step up, or would the law of diminishing returns kick in and the improvements be marginal? Are there any other suggestions to improve what I have already? Would the pre-outs from the AV amp go straight to a phono or aux input on the PM7000?

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If you are going to use the same front left and right speakers as you do for home cinema then you will, ideally, need a stereo amp with HT by-pass. To improve your stereo music performance then all your music sources need to be direct into that stereo amp, thus cutting the AV amp out of the music circuit completely.

It's easy to achieve, it's exactly what I and many other members do. It can be expensive as many stereo amps with HT by-pass can get pretty pricey. The PM7000 does not have HT by-pass although it would certainly give a better stereo performance than the 1609.

With a HT by-pass amp the pre-outs of the 1609 would go into the dedicated line-in of the stereo amp. The volume would then be controlled by the 1609. Both 1609 and stereo amp would need to be fired up for home cinema. You could use the PM7000 but it would mean having to balance the volume every time you changed it's use from home cinema to stereo music.

There is an alternative and that is to use a speaker switcher such as the Beresford 7220. That would keep the home cinema and music sides completely separate.


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Thanks for the detailed reply. As is always the case there's never a true one size fits all solution to these problems!! If I were to connect the preout to the aux in left and right on the 7000, the volume and balance would be an issue?

I suppose I'm after something with a better dac to enjoy the detailed listening more, and something with a bit more grab on the speakers at lower volumes. I'll keep searching, but will certainly look at the speaker switches.

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