Impossible to get a Plasma repaired?


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I've just had an offer tonight that could potentially bring my old Plasma television back into my hands. But there's just one problem - when I had hoped to get it back a couple of years ago, it was in good shape. Since then, I've heard that the chap that bought it accidentally shot it - yes, you did read right - with a BB gun which has apparently put a small hole in the screen.

Now, of course, I don't know what the condition is. I haven't seen it since it left me, so it might be bad enough I never want to actually use it as a television again. I had hoped if I did get it back, it might be something that could be repaired but I'm also hearing from people around me that the chances of that are slim.

So is it possible, at all, to find someone who could potentially repair a Plasma screen? Or am I out of luck?

What frustrates me is that I could have easily been in this position and finally get my Plasma back in good shape had it not been for someone being irresponsible with a BB gun (cleaning it, it went off etc.). Which is a shame because I have struggled now to find a replacement for it since, having had no end of trouble with LEDs and OLED TVs.


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If there is a problem with a panel they replace it.

If it had a glass front cover, then that might be able to be replaced except getting hold of the right party would be nigh on impossible these days. You can't just replace it with any old glass either.

I doubt any would want to touch with a barge pole even if they could repair.

Have you seen a picture of the damage?


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I haven't yet. From what I'm hearing now, it's a small crack in the glass but until I see it I won't actually know how bad it is. I'm told it works, there's nothing wrong with the TV, but it got hit with a BB round and took a small crack.

What frustrates me is like I said, a few years ago I had offered to buy it back when it was in fine condition - I'd even offered a little more than they had paid, for putting them through the trouble. But of course they turned it down. I'm honestly wishing I'd kept it and hadn't bothered.

We used to have a small repair shop in town that might have actually repaired it, they did stock Plasma still and did claim to repair them but of course with my luck they closed down last year, I believe.


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Sorry to hear of the unfortunate decision to sell your plasma. Perhaps you should just go look at it to satisfy your curiosity so that you can move on? No point beating yourself up, what's done is done. Or, try to locate another repair shop to get an answer. It just may be a complete walk-away.

When both of mine die, I will move on, but not before.

what I find interesting is your trouble with oled's.

Could you elaborate?
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