Impossible to command a AV32R from 3~4 meters


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I bought an AV32r in 2nd hand some weeks ago (I had a 60iRv working as a Pré-amplifier and the sound with the AV32R is much better:clap:). The processor and the remote control are working perfectly, but I have some difficulties to command the AV32 with the remote control from more than 4 meters. Up to 3 meters the remote control works perfectly, and I don't need to press the buttons too much.

The same happens when I try to command the AV32R with the CD20R/60iRv remote control. And when I try to command the CD2R with the AV32R remote control I can do it up to 7 meters away (+/-).

So the remote is ok!:thumbsup:

But.. can I consider this situation as normal, or is a problem with the IR sensor of the AV32R?


Hi VTavares
Older series of AV32R used to be less sensitive. Some of them were really a pain, especially woth the light in the room. There is nothing you can do there.

Test it without any light in the room, this way you might find out the limits


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My AV32R is from May 2001. Probably it's an older series... I don't know :confused:

But compare the IR sensor of the AV32 with the 60iRv and CD20R I can see they are very different.

In the AV32r the IR sensor is far away from the front panel (bubble) about 8mm and is not centered with it. In the 60iRv and CD20R the IR sensor are right in the middle of the bubble and are very close from it.

I presume it is not a defect of this AV32R in particular.


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Miron: I have done what you suggested and in the dark the distance increase 1 meter (+/-).

Thanks for the advice. :smashin:

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