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    Hey there,

    I'll be going to New York some time later this year (once I have enough money :smoke: ) where I plan to buy a nice new LCD TV :D . As far as I know, most of them come with multi-voltage power supplies, removing any need for a stepdown or other sort of voltage regulation. I've recently seen a new Philips 22" LCD TV and was utterly appauled that it had no Component video inputs (SCART instead) which AFAIK voids the possibility of progressive scan, so this is another reason for me buying from America. I understand that I won't be able to use the RF input on it as the tuner will be NTSC-only (probably), but I intend to get round this by using a Freeview, Cable decoder, or just a video recorder, for the few occasions where I actually watch live TV anyway.

    To sum up:

    Does anyone know an LCD TV, about 18-22" in size, available in the USA, that supports PAL video input, preferably ships with a universal power supply (or do all LCD TVs?) and has progressive scan capability?


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