Importing RB1 songs to RB2 on a new xbox


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When I got Rock Band 2 I imported the songs from Rock Band 1 using the voucher code - all worked fine - no problem

I just bought the ACDC disk and was going to do the same but then I had a rethink as when Zavi were having their final sell off a mate and I managed to get PC World to price match a couple of new xbox elite's which we bought

Now I haven't set it up yet but when I do I'll import the ACDC songs into Rock Band 2 on my new Elite

What I am unsure of is will I be able to get the Rock Band 1 songs onto the Elite as presumably the export voucher code was a 'use once' code and the songs are on my original xbox (still working atm) ?

Is my David9ball Id allowed to import RB1 tracks into RB2 again as the voucher code is registered to that xbox live ID or do I have to get a transfer cable or something and approach this another way?

Ta, Dave


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Prior to buying an Elite, i had previously imported all the Rock Band 1 songs onto my old premium. When i transferred all the game content/saves etc from my 20gb premium HDD to the Elites 120gb HDD all the RB1 songs were transferred in the process, therefore negating the need to re import the songs :thumbsup:

However if you arent transferring data from one HDD to another I would assume subsequent imports from RB1 would be possible as I seem to remember the thing you needed to 'purchase' to import the songs was a license transfer tool which I assumed would be a one off payment to be used to import songs from all future games into their successors?


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Good to know a direct file transfer worked - I don't have a cable to do that but should be able to get one if necessary

I'm more interested in the license transfer (I called it voucher code) and if that works a second time - on the same xbox live account

I know if I buy a song I can re download it to the same xbox live id, so I'm wondering if that also applies in the case of the RB1 -> RB2 license transfer


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