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Hi there

Im a novice at all this. I have been given a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 to get the hang of it before I actually purchase some software. They are all quite expensive so I want to make sure I know what Im doing and that the software it right for me first.

Finding it very difficult so far, cant even open anything that I have recorded. I have used my Mums camcorder that writes straight to DVD, I have copied all the files to my desktop but how do I now open them in the software?

The files extensions are .IFO + .VOB

If I can manage at least this then I can have a play around and hopefully learn something.

Thanks for any advice.

P.S: Is this software any good, going to be purchasing a hard disk camcorder myself soon and would like some software that can work with both formats.


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Copying the files off the DVD and trying to import them isn't really the way to do this. It can be done, but involves jumping through a few hoops.

The .ifo file is an information file that tells the DVD player what is contained in the .vob file. The .vob file is a multiplexed stream of MPEG video plus audio which can be in different formats - ac3 or pcm usually.

There may be some simple home editing packages that can read vobs directly but I'm pretty sure PP2 doesn't. (only have access to 1.5 here).

So you would have to rip the video files out of the DVDs, transcode them to a format that PP does support then import.

A much easier way is to use firewire which most digital camcorders have to "Capture" rather than "Import" your material.

Check to see if that camera has a firewire port, and add one to your PC if necessary.

PP is a very good package, but is also quite deep so be prepared to spend a lot of time learning how to get the most out of it.




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have alook at[/url] you will find answers on the forum but premiere elements 2 is a better bet if you intend going down the dvd route


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DVD camcorders generally don't have firewire. If you use a DVD camcorder you need to have software which can edit it - either allow you to edit the .VOB files directly (sometimes needing to change the name to .mpg), or others have more friendly support. E.g. Sony Vegas Movie Studio has an option to "open camcorder disc", which does this directly. However Vegas can't do "smart rendering" of mpeg2, so other packages may be better - others who have a DVD camcorder (I don't) can comment.


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APP is a great ( and expensive ) program. Im not sure you could just launch into it as a "starter" program. That it is not

To reiterate some points in the preceeding posts,

VOB ( from DVD) and footage from HDD camcorder are mpeg files ,
JVCs' HDD Everio camcorders output MOD files which are mpeg2 files ( albeit a proprietary codec)

APP is better at editing DV AVI from a miniDV type camcorder than it is editing mpeg files from HDD or DVD camcorder although the ver 2 you have now is designed to edit anything including HDV mpeg2 files

Im not sure what your specific needs are , but given the cost of APP, could you not try as well Adobes "budget" offering Premiere Elements™ 2? It is low cost enough to get familiar with as a novice without breaking into a sweat. To be sure you could use APP simplistically but that would be like using the Rolls Royce to do get a few groceries from the corner shop:)

At any rate niether is a dedicated mpeg editor but the much cheaper Premiere Elements is more geared towards DVD files without renaming etc. This thread might be interesting
If you wont be editing mpeg then you need to get a MiniDV type camcorder to test the packages.
If you will be ( as you hint that you will be getting an HDD camcorder), then look out for packages that edit mpeg as well or better( for less).

Mpeg editing ( especially because of HDV and HDD recordings) is better and will get even better ( more affordably) in time.

Sonys awaited Vegas 7 may be one of such packages
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