Importing from US, duties?

Ali Raza

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I am looking for a buy a projector from someone in the US, just want to know would I have to pay any duties or VAT on that? the projector is used not new.

Any help would be appreciated :)


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Yes you will as import duties are on everything and normally works out at 60 to 80 quid per £500 cost of item.


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Not sure mate all I know is I bought a projector for £1100 and it cost me £160 in duties and an amp for £500 and that was around £75 duties then projector screen material from us cost £140 And duties on that were £25

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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You can go to HMRC website anc check the tarif code for video projectors. it may be different to an amplifier...Duty is calculated on cost of the item PLUS the if its £1100 plus £100 shipping then duty is on £1200...then you pay 20% vat on top of that figure. Also, you will probably find there is a fee to pay for dealing with customs from the shipping agents as well

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