Importing DS Lite - Questions


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I'm thinking about importing a DS Lite from Play-Asia or Lik-Sang, but I have a few questions...

Is this all I need to charge the Lite in the UK: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-19-49-en-70-eur.html ? Some sites mention step-down convertors as well as socket adapters but this looks like it does everything. Or have I missed something?

Also it seems that import duty is totally random... Any clarification on this? What would be the maximum amount payable?

And finally does anyone have any info regarding the UK release date/price? All I can find is "Summer", which doesn't help when I'm trying to weigh up pros and cons!


Thanks in advance!


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No date for the UK yet (booooo), but I have used Lik-Sang many times and never once paid import duty on stuff from them if that helps :)


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This is what came with my DS:Lite:


The DS:Lite power adapter is tiny anyway so fits straight on it and together, not much bigger than any other power adapter.

Duty : Luck of the draw i'm afraid. I've only ever been collared once. But someone else I know almost always gets a customs charge. His house must be on a hot list or something!

UK Release: no announcement yet. Will probably be summer.
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