Question Importing a projector from USA (amazon)


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Has anybody done this and what are the pros and cons

I'm after the optoma uhd60 and with all taxes etc I can get it for £1900 from amazon

Will the warranty be valid ? In the uk


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i bought an Epson 4000 from the US, imported through amazon. Unfortunately there was something wrong with the bulb and i sent it back. The price of the projector was refunded fully, but i still ended up with the shipping costs both ways (i had used a forwarding service). Cost me around $500 without ending up with a projector.

I'm toying with the idea of importing the Epson 5040UB model (equivalant to the 9300, if I'm not mistaken), but I havent decided yet. There is a sizable price difference, but I might end up just getting the UK model and delaying surround speaker purchases. Undecided as of yet.

I'd recommend comparing the savings to the cost of returning an unwanted or defective item. Projectors are heavy items and it might make a difference to your decision.


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Thanks , I've decided agents it as I can get the uhd550x for £1880 from amazon uk and not have to worry


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No problem.

I don't regret importing the US version initially. It was worth a try (for me). Basically a gamble on returns/shipping costs.

I'll probably end up getting the local version of the Epson 9300 as well despite it being much more expensive than the American alternative. The local warrenty was a factor (I don't know if this will apply in your case as I'm not in the UK) as this will be installed at a relative's house and they have already spent a lot on renovations, including a dedicated room. They just don't want to deal with any more hassle.

Also, the UK/European version comes in black ;)

Just make sure that you like whatever it is you're buying.

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